Kinesiology For Health

We are always looking for volunteers to balance so please come along whether you are learning kinesiology, already in practice or just interested in finding out more....

The Kinesiology4Health group is open to anyone who is interested in kinesiology, whether you :-

  • just want to find out what it's all about
  • are willing to volunteer as a 'body' for a student kinesiologist to practice their skills on
  • are a health practitioner looking to learn new skills
  • are a professional kinesiologist keen to network with other kinesiologists of a variety of modalities and earn CPD* points along the way!

    All practice sessions with Jane qualify for Kinesiology Federation CPD. Bring your log book for Jane to sign.

    You are very welcome to join us on the first Wednesday of the month at NutriVital in Petersfield from 6.45pm till 9pm. Call Jane on 01730 233414 to book your place. £5 donation to cover costs is appreciated.

    The group is really relaxed and informal. Sometimes we have a guest speaker, alternatively we may just use the time and space to share ideas and techniques and of course, give and receive balances.

    Arrive for 6.45 for tea and social, opening circle and workshop 7-9pm

    Previous events:
    Wednesday 3 August 'Playing with Metaphors' with Jane
    Wednesday 1st June 2016 NLP talk with Geoff Rolls
    Monday 4 April 2016 Practice group - tuning in to how we feel after the Spring equinox and balancing our energies using techniques for Touch for Health kinesiology
    Friday 17 March 2016 Supervised study session for Touch for Health'ers - Reactivity
    Wednesday 10th February 2016 Balancing the Water Element
    Wednesday 4 November Practice group at NutriVital 6.45 -9pm - Manual muscle monitoring skills and the 28 muscles from TFH 1 and 2
    Wednesday 25 November Practice group at NutriVital 6.45 -9pm - Interpreting our energy patterns through 5 element theory
    Monday 12 October Food testing with IKC Faculty Head, Sandy Gannon.
    It was lovely to see so many people at this mini workshop including total newbies to kinesiology, current and former students, practitioners and trainers. Always guaranteed to be high energy and fun, sandy has offered to make a return visit to Petersfield soon. Watch this space!
    Monday 28 September Supervised practice session. Touch for Health students and newly qualified practitioners worked with volunteers to balance energy and posture.
    14 September 2015
    Supervised practice. Volunteers received an energy balance from students on the current Touch for Health training programme.
    10 August 2015
    Simple energy balancing techniques for self-help.
    27 July 2015
    Resetting reactive muscle patterns to improve posture.
    13 July 2015
    Supervision session in which we explored the Sartorius muscle in relation to stress adaptation and posture.
    8 June 2015
    Tracey Chaplin
    shared some techniques and approaches from Creative Kinesiology including how this system uses muscle monitoring to track the cause of the problem and a technique to balance a person's internal compass to their place of birth. Tracey is a professional Creative kinesiologist and Touch for Health Trainer. She practices from Chichester and also offers Evolutionary Astrology. Call Tracey on 07752 011 439 to enquire about courses, kinesiology consultations and birth chart readings.
    May the 4th be with you with Jane Piper .
    Kinesiologists have long held the belief that we have a cellular memory of every experience of our lives and that muscle monitoring is able to access this cellular programming through the sub-conscious.
  • the scientific evidence to support this theory

  • how that memory becomes imprinted on the cell

  • how this affects the cells ability to connect with our inner wisdom and the universal whole.

  • Using Kinesiology to read cellular memory and re-set unhelpful programmes to enhance health and human potential.
    The talk notes are available in the Resources section of this website.

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