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TFH GOAL SETTING AND METAPHORS. TFH Metaphors and Goal Setting Prospectus and Booking form

TOUCH FOR HEALTH METAPHORS and GOAL SETTING WORKSHOP For the prospectus and booking form, right click the pdf symbol and open in a new tab

In TFH we use muscle tests to get a sense of the energy flow in the meridians. We develop goals, assess the flow of energy, use various reflexes to balance energy and then reassess how we feel.

Our purpose is to increase awareness of all of the aspects of our whole Soul and to facilitate the flow of energy and communication between all of the cells, organs and organ systems, between the conscious mind, the unconscious, our intuition, and our connection to Chi, life energy, or God.

Our premise is that a sufficient flow of information/energy will result in an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual equilibrium that will allow us to feel whole, to do the things that are most important to us, and to find meaning in life.

This 2 day training explores the power of dialogue and intention in healing.

Creative use of metaphors can enhance our assessment of our own wellness in the context of our life, help balance our energies towards our goals and help us discover new passions and purposes that are right for us. Awareness is the key aspect of the process. We may feel a lot better physically, mentally and emotionally after a balancing, but the true power of TFH is in developing our awareness of the things that we really want from life and the things that block our energy to accomplish our goals.

Body Mind connection and the ancient wisdoms of the Chinese 5 Element theory are brought together with Remembered Wellness goal setting to create a powerful tool for healing and self development.

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